Exploring the Lantro Way: The Power of Putting People First

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October 11, 2022

A compilation of Team LantroTech working hard and enjoying together.

Have you ever wondered which company assets are the most valuable for driving success? No, it’s not the technology, strategies or even financial resources. The answer is quite simple; it’s the people who work day and night to turn your vision into reality.

This idea becomes even more evident when we reflect on the words of Honeywell’s retired CEO, Lawrence Bossidy, a strong advocate of a people-first approach to business. He is quoted as saying, “I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on people, not on strategies.”

At LantroTech, we understand the importance of putting people first, investing in employees and making them feel valued and cared for. We constantly strive to create a People-First Culture through numerous employee-centered initiatives. If you’re interested in finding out how exactly we do that, keep reading!

The Values We Live By

Every company has a set of values that act as a guidepost for its employees. But great companies ensure that company values aren’t merely words on a piece of paper but rather qualities that their employees wholeheartedly embrace. That’s why, at LantroTech, we’ve crafted a set of values that our employees can easily resonate with. Our core values include:

LantroTech's brand values comprise Initiative, Creativity, Teamwork, Ownership and Diversity.

Embracing Initiative & Innovation

Our ownership-centric work ethic is what differentiates us from the rest. We consistently strive to do better, ready to take on any challenge that may come our way. The word “impossible” does not exist in our dictionary. We are dedicated to moving beyond expectations and imagination to craft a solution far superior to what you had initially hoped.

Celebrating Diversity & Inclusivity

LantroTech’s strength lies in its diverse team, comprised of individuals from multicultural backgrounds with varied skills and experiences. Teamwork is our creed; we make sure that everyone is seen, heard, and included. Through collaboration and collective effort, our ideas merge into one innovative solution bound to create value for our customers.

Encouraging Passion-based Learning

We believe quality output is the result of having a growth mindset. A culture of humility and continuous learning is the bedrock of our success. No one has all the answers, so we encourage our employees to assist one another whenever the need arises since creating a great customer experience begins with staying true to our words and the bonds we make.

Valuing Dynamism & Change

At LantroTech, each employee understands the importance of foresightedness. We constantly look toward the future and keep up with the latest technological trends. The IT industry is ever-changing, but our dynamic team has the vigor and attitude to discover new and more efficient ways to cater to our customer’s needs.

What People First Means When It Comes to Actions

We strongly believe that actions speak louder than words. The point of listing down our values was to provide you with some context of the kind of culture we aim to create within LantroTech. So how exactly do we bring these values to life? Well, that’s where our benefits come in.

The benefits offered at LantroTech include Mentorship, Team Building Activities, Robust Feedback, Rewards & Recognition, Education & Training, and Flexible Work Schedule.

The Benefits We Offer

Amazing Mentorship

Although we recruit people considering their skillset and attitude, we don’t expect our new hires to know everything right from the beginning. Whether you’re a fresh graduate or have some prior experience, it’s always great to have a mentor who can help you settle into a new environment. At LantroTech, we make sure you have someone to look up to, learn from and turn to for guidance when needed. With such amazing mentorship, you can expect to become equipped with all the relevant tools and working knowledge in no time!

Team-Building Activities

Team cohesion is a prerequisite for achieving organizational goals. Without strong interconnection between team members, the outcome will always be compromised in terms of quality and delivery. With such a diverse team, we make sure to carry out frequent fun-filled team-building activities as well as casual team hangouts to allow our employees to get to know each other outside work. Putting people in such situations enhances their overall synergy during actual projects.

Robust Feedback System

At LantroTech, we strongly believe in fostering two-way communication. It’s important to talk to your employees now and then to find out how they really feel about working in your company and if they’re struggling with something that you don’t know about. That’s why we frequently take feedback from our employees both formally and informally via conversations and forms. This helps us identify ways to improve the overall work experience for our employees and create an environment in which they feel most comfortable.

Rewards & Recognition

This goes without saying but activating the power of appreciation can really work wonders for your company. For this reason, we have introduced both monetary and non-monetary ways to recognise and reward our employees for their contributions. Some of these rewards include our Referral Bonus Program and Spot Bonuses. We also have an annual Appraisal System in place to measure employee performance and then decide on rewards accordingly.

Education & Training

Operating in the IT sector and specializing in a variety of services means ongoing technological changes. To ensure superior service delivery, it is vital that our employees are up to date with the latest trends, so we take an active interest in our employees’ professional development by providing countless training opportunities. We also encourage our employees to take necessary educational courses that will add to their existing knowledge and skills whenever the need arises.

Maximum Schedule Flexibility

When you have a diverse team, bringing necessary adjustments to workplace policies is always a good idea. At LantroTech, we understand that our team is juggling various responsibilities simultaneously, so not everyone can commit to a 9-5 routine, and that’s totally okay!

We want to put our employees at ease and not make them feel they need to constantly report when they’re coming to and leaving the office. That’s why we have introduced a No Clock-ins policy. Moreover, we realize that your output is not defined by how much time you spend in the office, so our employees also have the option to work from home when and if the need arises. We trust our team to get the work done regardless of where they’re working from.

Everyone talks about how important it is for employees to maintain a work-life balance, but very few companies introduce policies that will lead to a healthy life. At LantroTech, we encourage employees to take time off to relax. We offer paid time off for sick days, vacation days, and other personal reasons to ensure our employees only work when they feel their best. Moreover, if they’re working over the weekend occasionally, we keep track of that and provide them with compensatory time off to make up for it.

Who Said Work Can’t Be Fun?

Whoever said work can’t be fun has clearly never worked at a people first company such as LantroTech! Monotony and boredom are two feelings you won’t experience while working here. We understand that to stay productive, it is essential to break away from the monotony of our work routines every now and then so you can expect to embark on all sorts of exciting adventures and activities with your teammates.

Some of the facilities available to our team are delineated below:

Breakout Space

To reward our employees for their hard work, we have created a breakout space where they can relax and recharge. When work becomes overwhelming, our employees head over to the huddle room for a snack or gaming session with their teammates.

Team Outings

If you’re a foodie, you can especially look forward to the ongoing team breakfasts and lunches. We also ensure frequent casual hangouts as well as Girls Day Out and Boys Day Out for our employees to unwind and relax!

Birthday Bash & Life Event Gift

We take an active interest in the important life events of our team, so we make sure to celebrate both big and small milestones. We have a monthly Birthday Bash, and our employees also receive gifts on special occasions like marriage, newborn, etc.

Annual Trip

The annual trip is something every member of the LantroTech family eagerly waits for. If you’re a travel enthusiast, you’re in for a relaxing, refreshing and fun-filled retreat to the Northern Areas of Pakistan, where you get to spend time with and get to know your teammates outside work.

The facilities provided to LantroTech's employees include Breakout Space, Team Outings, Birthday Bash, Life Event Gifts and Annual Trip.

Put People First and the Results Will Follow

Being a people-centric company has worked out well for us. The benefits of putting employees first are undeniable. Due to our employee-friendly policies and people-first strategy, we’ve witnessed a sharp increase in employee engagement and motivation levels; our employees take ownership, give their work their 100% and nothing less, and have developed a strong attachment to the Lantro brand and everything it stands for.

When we established this company, we promised ourselves we would implement our company values rather than just saying them out loud, and that’s exactly what we’re trying to do through the various initiatives described above. We still have a long way to go so we’re strongly focused on creating the kind of leadership people can look up to and initiating the type of development programs that enhance employee experience.

But the first step, of course, is to put people first, and we’re glad to say that we realized that quite early on. If you still have doubts, follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook to get regular visual depictions of the numerous people-centric activities we’ve introduced!

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