Why We Invest in Young Talent and You Should Too!

At LantroTech, we’re not afraid to break away from tradition when it does not align with our values. In a world where fresh graduates are still looked at with suspicion, we have recognized the value they bring to the table in the form of creativity, open-mindedness, and technological knowledge. 

Modern workplaces require modern solutions. Unexpected events and crises are unavoidable, and there will be times when you need to act fast and smart. It is a well-known fact that younger employees respond to such situations much faster than the older generation, which makes it all the more necessary to have young talent on your team! 

As an IT company, we require technologically and digitally savvy, innovative and adaptable individuals. We are proud to be challenging conventional workplace practices, which is evident from the fact that 50% of LantroTech’s workforce comprises young individuals. Sometimes all you need to do is give someone a chance, and it might just turn out to be the best decision you’ve ever made. 

If you have a different take on the matter, we highly encourage you to read the following blog to discover the benefits we have reaped by investing in young talent.

New Energy & Perspective 

Bright and driven young employees bring unmatched energy to the workplace. They’re passionate, eager, and ready to take on the world. After gaining diverse experiences as a result of classroom learning, extracurricular activities, and interning at various organizations, fresh graduates come out of university with greater confidence, a better understanding of current market trends, and a strong desire to drive change. 

Young employees think big; they put forward innovative ideas and smarter and more creative approaches to help your organization evolve and grow exponentially. Don’t let their lack of experience overshadow their strengths and ideas. Nowadays, the youth is much more observant and well-aware of the latest trends, so when they put forward an idea, there is always good reasoning behind it because they know what works and what doesn’t.

Hiring young talent can especially prove to be advantageous if your business targets Millennials and Generation Z because they know how to reach and communicate with their peers. For example, LantroTech is not your traditional corporate brand; it is youthful, fun and spirited. And we want that to be reflected in our Marketing efforts. Hiring young employees to manage our digital presence has helped us achieve this. Have a look at our social media handles (InstagramLinkedIn and Facebook), and you’ll see what we mean; they’re colorful and vibrant and contain both educational and entertaining content that has certainly struck a chord with our followers, which mainly comprise the younger generation.

Early Adoption of Technology 

Gone are the days when the paycheck was the only thing that mattered to employees when deciding between various jobs. Unlike the older generation, young employees place a lot of emphasis on corporate culture and prefer being part of companies implementing employee-centered initiatives and practices. 

Designer designing a social media post on Adobe Photoshop

With the world becoming increasingly digital, hiring young talent can be quite favorable for your organization. Whether you are a small online clothing business or a well-established IT services provider, your workforce must be well-equipped with different tools and technologies to maximize reach and ensure efficient delivery of projects, products and services to customers. Young employees have a great deal to offer in this regard; as digital natives, they can streamline technological processes and positively respond to workforce development efforts, e.g. upskilling and training.

The work of LantroTech’s Electrical Estimation team is entirely software-based. They use various softwares, e.g. Intellibid ConEst, SureCount, PlanSwift, PlanGrid etc., for estimating prices, calculating labor hours and material takeoffs. Electrical Estimation is still a relatively new field in Pakistan, so every new employee has to be provided extensive training before they can start working on projects. However, with fresh graduates, training isn’t a problem. They are used to learning from others and learning independently, so they are able to master the softwares mentioned above in no time! 

Culture Development

Gone are the days when the paycheck was the only thing that mattered to employees when deciding between various jobs. Unlike the older generation, young employees place a lot of emphasis on corporate culture and prefer being part of companies implementing employee-centered initiatives and practices. 

LantroTech employees playing Carrom

Young employees recognize the importance of a healthy working environment and its impact on employee productivity. Therefore, they actively contribute to developing a culture based on trust and collaboration. They regularly put forward suggestions that will enhance team bonding, improve team morale and cohesion, foster an attractive work environment and ultimately build a high-functioning team. 

Spend a day at LantroTech, and you’ll know what a fun company culture looks and feels like. From team-building activities and events to happy hour and birthday celebrations, our team of young and energetic employees always comes up with new ways to keep things light and interesting at work. Maybe that’s also why we’ve achieved a 98% employee retention rate in our first year of operation. 

Adaptability & Agility

You know how the saying goes,”Hire character, train skill.” That’s because skills can be taught, but character is what you’re stuck with. This is especially true if you operate in a fast-paced, dynamic environment where technology, processes, and priorities constantly change. To successfully build an agile organization, it is vital that you hire people who are passionate about your company’s vision and are willing to learn and improve every day to help the organization evolve.

Young employees are naturally driven, open to learning new skills and desire training, mentoring and coaching that will nurture their personal and professional development. This sort of attitude comes in handy when the company is faced with unpredictable circumstances and requires employees who will embrace change rather than fear it.

Although LantroTech initially started with a few core services, it is now exploring additional domains and developing new products. It is only able to take on new projects so easily because its team of young professionals are always willing to step out of their comfort zones to learn something new, which will not only enhance their skills but also help the organization reach greater heights. 

Brand Advocates

The younger generation has grown up using social media and spends most of its time using it. Their activeness on social media can prove to be beneficial, especially for startups that want to improve their company’s digital presence and standing through word-of-mouth marketing.

The thing about young employees is that they love sharing their day-to-day life on social media. So if they had a fun day at the office or went to a company event, you will likely see it on their social media. This helps increase brand awareness and connect with people who may want to join your company or purchase the products or services that your organisation offers. Therefore, young employees end up becoming brand advocates for your company. 

LantroTech's Marketing team

LantroTech only recently started marketing itself on social media, but we’ve received a great response because our employees constantly reshare LantroTech’s posts, videos, and blogs on their social media handles which ends up bringing in more followers and increased engagement. Their ownership of the LantroTech brand has enabled us to maximize reach and brand awareness in a very short time.

Give Youth a Chance! 

We can’t stress this enough; having young employees on your team is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. We all look for traits like passion, hard work and reliability in our employees, and they have nothing to do with experience and everything to do with one’s character and attitude. 

We hope this blog has opened your eyes to the endless possibilities that come from hiring young talent. If you are expanding your team, we highly encourage you not to disregard great applicants just because they haven’t worked in the corporate sector long enough. 

As far as LantroTech is concerned – we are always on the lookout for promising young talent so if you wish to kickstart your career at an organization that actively takes an interest in youth development, then keep checking our Open Positions and make sure to apply as soon as a relevant opening comes up.