LantroTech’s 1 Year Recap: The Milestones Achieved

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December 26, 2022

lantrotech 1 year recap

Embarking on a new corporate venture is never easy, especially at a time characterized by constant layoffs and closure of businesses worldwide. Many promising startups entered the market in 2021 but were only met with uncertainty, never-ending challenges, and deteriorating global economic conditions.

Some would argue that even after witnessing utter corporate chaos, you set yourself up for failure if you STILL decided to venture into a new business at this time. Maybe so, but we took a leap of faith and set out on a mission to achieve the impossible, and that’s exactly what we did.

We’re proud to announce that despite all the doubts and warnings, LantroTech is still standing, thriving, and growing stronger with each passing day. Exactly one year has passed since we set out on this extremely unpredictable yet equally rewarding journey, and to see how much we’ve accomplished in such little time still feels surreal.

Every startup dreams of the day they’ll be able to share their success story with the world, and the fact that we’re writing this blog is a testament to how far we’ve come. So let’s rewind and look at the year gone by; keep reading to find out about LantroTech’s key milestones and most cherished moments in the past year.

Making History With Electrical Estimation Services

Electrical Estimation is LantroTech’s core service, and to say that the Electrical Estimation team has performed exceptionally well would be an understatement. They’ve exceeded all expectations and significantly impacted LantroTech’s success.

Electrical Estimation Lantrotech
Electrical Estimation team Lantrotech

The Electrical Estimation team worked on a total of 90 projects in the past year. These projects ranged from commercial fit-outs, medical facilities, warehouses, international food chains to high-rise residential buildings. Among the projects won, three were mega projects which included a 40-floor high-rise building, an 80-floor high-rise building and the latest one was a 50-floor high-rise building designed by world-renowned architects.

These projects comprised state-of-the-art electrical and telecom systems including but not limited to lighting control, shade control, auxiliary radio communication system, fire alarm systems, high bandwidth data and telecom systems, along with simpler lighting, power and distribution systems. Moreover, the Estimation team also overtook the responsibilities of post-bid documentation and management, which included submittal packages, shop drawings and project management.

The biggest win for the Estimation Team has definitely been the 50-floor high-rise residential project. A total of
8 companies were involved in the bidding process. As a start, LantroTech’s Estimation team worked on the 50% design set to prepare an initial bid but hit the major chunk of the target because it was able to put forward the most competitive offer out of the eight bids.

After that, updated drawings kept coming in, and for each drawing, the client asked for updated numbers on a day’s notice. Despite the challenges, the team did not falter even once and delivered an outstanding performance; they took ownership of the task, ensured efficient management of resources, and successfully turned in the numbers every single time within a 24-hour deadline. The other bidders failed to keep up, and LantroTech’s Estimation team stood above every other bidder in the race. After witnessing the team’s intense dedication, vigor and ability to meet stringent deadlines quickly, the client happily awarded the project to LantroTech, which has already been pushed to construction.

Raising the Bar With Digital Marketing Services

Our Marketing & Design clients are equally satisfied with the results our Digital Marketing efforts have brought in for their business. We’ve successfully implemented 5 Digital Marketing campaigns spanning an average of 3-4 months each over the past year keeping in mind our client’s unique goals. Putting out personalized content paired with eye-catching graphics has led to an overwhelming response; their social media channels have witnessed a 50% growth in followers and an astonishing 792.5% growth in reach.

Marketing Team Lantrotech
Marketing Lantrotech

Besides that, we also launched their official website to provide timely updates to customers. This not only helped retain existing customers but also attracted new ones. As a result, we achieved 14k new users and successfully converted 42% into actual customers.

Client Satisfaction

As a service provider, our client’s satisfaction is our top priority. To ensure that we’re on the same page as our clients and all their requirements are fulfilled, we take feedback from them regularly via weekly meetings and feedback forms. Monitoring customer feedback has helped us improve significantly, deliver superior results, and achieve 95% customer satisfaction.

Team Expansion

We won’t deny that we’ve been pretty cautious with our hiring. But that’s because we don’t believe in hiring people unnecessarily, only when the need arises. Still, the fact that we’ve grown from a team of just 7 employees to 20 employees in one year is pretty impressive. As time passed, we kept getting more projects and work, which made team expansion inevitable. We are hopeful that our stellar team of Engineers, Estimators, Marketers, Designers, and Developers will continue to grow overtime.

lantroTech team

Team Building Activities

We realize that working non-stop can negatively impact employee productivity, which is why we make sure to reward the team for its hard work through frequent fun-filled team-building activities. In the past year, we’ve organized and implemented several activities to strengthen team bonding, e.g. bowling at Mega Zone, an adventurous day at Sadhu’s Retreat which included archery, ziplining, tug of war, etc., a three-day trip to Shogran Siri Paye, Girls Day Out, Boys Day Out, Tekken Tournament, and numerous Happy Hours. As a result, we’ve witnessed a sharp increase in employee engagement and motivation levels.

Lantrotech Team Activities

Website Launch

In order to ensure constant connectivity and drive smoother interaction with customers, we launched our official website in August 2022. As you scroll through the website, you’ll get a clear understanding of the services we offer, be introduced to the team that has brought LantroTech to life and be able to see and apply for any open positions. We also frequently publish blog posts to keep you in the loop about all that goes on in LantroTech’s world because we want you to become a part of our major and minor developments.

lantrotech website

Kicked off Social Media

Soon after we launched our website, we also kicked off our social media. We are live on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook, where we actively post about the inclusive and collaborative culture of LantroTech, the unique individuals who make up its stellar team, the projects that we undertake, what we like to do when we are not working, and why we continue to choose LantroTech over all other companies. We also make sure to inform the audience about all vacant positions through our social media channels.

lantrotech Instagram

Corporate Social Responsibility

While we aim to leave a mark on the world of technology, we also realize that giving back to the society we operate in is equally important. We recently conducted our first-ever CSR Activity at SOS Children’s Village, Islamabad, where we organized an exciting and fun day for the children. Numerous activities and games were arranged, e.g. Spin The Wheel, Ring A Bottle, Cups Pyramid, Say the Color, Face Painting and Photo Booth.

It was amazing to see how involved the children were throughout the event; it felt like they were really enjoying themselves. The LantroTech team also interacted with the children and learned about their interests, hobbies, and future aspirations. Their confidence and intelligence were truly admirable. In the end, each child was given a goody bag, and LantroTech also made a general donation to the school. Such a great outcome has only motivated us to undertake similar future initiatives to continue spreading a little joy and happiness in the lives of the underprivileged.

lantrotech team

Anniversary Celebrations

Since LantroTech recently turned 1, Anniversary Celebrations were held at Marriott Hotel, Islamabad, to commemorate this important milestone. The event was full of both big and little surprises. We started the day by reflecting on how far we’ve come and how much we’ve achieved in just one year. This was followed by the cake-cutting ceremony and some exciting games that really brought out our team spirit. Finally, after lunch, every employee was given a custom LantroTech gift box as a token of appreciation for contributing to the company’s success.

Lantrotech Anniversary

2023 - We’re Ready for You!

2022 has undoubtedly been an incredible year for LantroTech, and for that we are truly grateful to our fantastic team, amazing customers, and well-wishers. Thank you for joining us in our journey to transform the world of technology!

As far as 2023 is concerned – we are excited to move forward, reach greater heights and celebrate many more anniversaries together! We could not have come this far without your unwavering support, and we are hopeful that you will continue to share our joys and achievements in the years to come.

For all those who are just now catching up with LantroTech, don’t worry; it isn’t too late. You can follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook, to quickly familiarize yourself with the brand and the team. We wholeheartedly welcome anyone and everyone who wishes to become a part of the Lantro family!

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