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Our expert team excels in Shop Drawings, using cutting-edge software for accurate electrical design implementation. We define project requirements in compliance with international codes, fostering seamless collaboration and upholding our commitment to quality assurance.

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Maximize Project Efficiency with Innovative Electrical Construction Designs.

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Streamline Operations with Comprehensive Documents for Project Execution.

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Ensure Precision and Reliability with Expert Electrical Installation Services.

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Maintain Compliance with Documentation for Seamless Project Management.

Our Tech ToolKit

We harness an advanced suite of Estimation and Design tools to Enhance accuracy, build consistent bids, streamline workflows, and adapt to evolving industry demands. Step into the future of innovative solutions with our expert touch.

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Digits and Details

At LantroTech, we meticulously gauge every detail in the realm of estimation and design. Dive into the heart of our success, where precision and unwavering attention to detail define our journey.

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Bid-Hit Ratio


Bids successfully secured, showcasing our accuracy and competitiveness in meeting client requirements.

Projects Completed


Projects expertly executed, demonstrating our proficiency in delivering quality MEP estimation services.

Client Satisfaction


Client Approval, reflecting our commitment to delivering solutions that meet and exceed client expectations.


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Case Studies

Browse through our case studies to witness the success stories of our impactful Estimation and Design projects.

Commercial High-Rise Project by LantroTech Pakistan
Hospital Suitss Projects by LantroTeh Pakistan
Residential Unit by LantroTeh Pakistan

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As your partner, we'll illuminate your path to shop drawing mastery for project success.

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